Slide Slide Slide bello PRET a PORTER

Slide Cotton boned bodice
Ice blue polka dot

Crisp white cotton
circle flirtatious skirt
horse hair hem detail.
Eau de nil moire effect
velvet shift dress
PRET a PORTERbello by Aimee Joyce London. Shining a light on community whilst encouraging local creativity “She has a timeless grace about her…. Something reminiscent of the silver screen…
She is Aimee Joyce London.”
The morning after, what happened the night before.... we’re not sure of. Saskia, sitting, pensive. Stirring her tea. Reflective. Blank stares at newspaper... Jovial energy within the cafe. Their local exchanges entertain her. Brings her out of her thoughts, hard to miss their lighthearted ‘love for life’ energy.
The odd interaction occurs between her and the other cafe customers, a slight smile appears, comforting nods from people she doesnt know. Funny how a Londons greasye joes can have a rather comforting effect. Unjudgemental, unfiltered. Shes feels at home there.
“Fashion shouldn’t be reduced to a season, it should be a cohesive extension of ourselves.” A  LOVE  LETTER TO WOMEN

Mastering the balancing act of Femininity and Power colliding.
The main objective at Aimee Joyce London being to create a safe haven for that very particular woman… accommodating her every occasion. Versatility and longevity of the garment being her main priority.Timeless in style and quality, a nod to the past, with an eye firmly on the future.
Checkered Silk
taffeta ruffle blouse

Checkered Silk taffeta
asymmetric ruffle skirt
Copper double sided
silk razor back
corseted bodice.
Off white embroidered
linen backless bodice.

Off white Duchess
Satin drape.
Silk jacquard
soft salmon
tux shirt dress.
Our staple asymmetric
draped jacquard
backless bodice

High waisted blush cream
pencil skirt with pink
metallic fleck
Diagonally Striped Velvet
backless bias bodice

Diagonally Striped Velvet skirt
silk georgette